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This project is about a miniaturization of the Vive Tracker by HTC. It allows sub-millimetric 3d positioning, and embeds a 9DoF IMU with sensor fusion. The entire project is open source, all the materials can be found below.

1st prototype

This project is a work in progress, and this page is still in construction, but a few links are already available:


1st PCB

Firmware / Software

Our repos include several developments and test bricks, from benchmark to web Bluetooth proof of concepts, we try to document each step of our experimentations:


AH18 - HIVE Tracker: a tiny, low-cost, and scalable device for sub-millimetric 3D positioning.
Darío R. Quiñones, Gonçalo Lopes, Danbee Kim, Cédric Honnet, David Moratal, and Adam Kampf
DOI - Open Access